About the CATS/ACTS

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About the CATS/ACTS

Founded in 2013, the China-Australia Centre for Transcultural Studies (CATS) at Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) and the Australia-China Centre for Transcultural Studies (ACTS) at the University of Western Australia aim to serve as a platform where Australian and Chinese researchers can collaborate and conduct research that brings a critical eye to global transcultural constructs and experiences. The purpose of the Centres is to build a common, broad and ongoing research community across many campuses to develop a shared knowledge infrastructure for mutual benefit. The Centres provide a space for dialogue between Chinese and Australian researchers to question existing cultural frameworks and to enhance understanding of and between research scholarships. The Centres encourage and facilitate movement of academic researchers between universities to explore transformative potential for transcultural approaches and methodologies to critical debates and knowledge creation within and across a broad range of disciplines.

Prof. Sun Youzhong      Prof. Greg McCarthy

Director of CATS, BFSU   Director of ACTS, UWA

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